dance single & music video

Valentine's Day 2024 will be the release date of the new single. It's another re-mastered track from the Spaced Out on Planet Bizarre album.

This track is a very Depeche Mode-esque song and is called Free Your Soul.

There is also a music video, which is influenced by David Lynch's Eraserhead.

available for download at



remastered singles available at bandcamp

As of today, both recently re-released singles are now available on Bandcamp, click on the bandcamp links to go to the track.






  • Recording D.I.D. album
  • No gigs/ appearances planned for 2024

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Lost in your eyes remastered & Re-rELEASED

This track has been remastered and re-released; the Lost In You Eyes single was originally released on the 1st of January 2017.
This track has been remastered and given some TLC and is sounding better than ever. As usual, the song will be available from most groovy download websites.
I also designed a new groovy cover for the song.
Check out the eyes and listen to the song; you will understand.

This song was written for Sol,  someone who will always mean a lot to me and will always be close to my heart.


check it out here




As songs are being composed for the D.I.D. album, I decided to release a remastered track, Dementia Paranoides, as a single. Originally on the Spaced Out On Planet Bizarre album, it is just a taster of the direction I want to take my music. 


check it out, here




Zeek appeared at the annual Burns Night/Micky* remembrance evening in Gunnery's Irish Pub Alkmaar Holland.
He played traditional Scottish songs and a few covers (eek!!!) and even managed to plug and play his next single, Woman in a Man's Body.**
Although it was a success, along with other musicians, Zeek has admitted that this is the last time he will play such a setlist.
"It is well known I have never been a fan of cover bands, and as this is not my thing, I want to return to making my music."

* Micky was a close friend who lost his battle with cancer five years ago

** Woman in a Man's Body was written in 1997 and has received a make-over to fit society's situation today



Zeek, two years on

It has been two years since Zeek had an operation to remove the cancer tumour located in his large intestines. But, the news is great as he is clear of the disease, and his blood levels are perfect. He knows that he will have to live the rest of his life with what he has, but that is a small price to pay when you consider circumstances could have been very different.

As always Zeek cannot thank the medical staff at the local hospital in Alkmaar, and also the specialists at the Cancer Centre in Amsterdam.

The future is looking good and hopefully, all the projects planned for this year and 2025 will now be done. And always remember ...

You Can't Keep A Good Freak Down



Zeek to appear at burns supper

Zeek will be appearing at the annual Burns Supper Night, Thursday 25th of January, in Gunnery's Irish Bar in Alkmaar. This year, like last year, he will be performing original as well as traditional songs under the 'My Celtic Faith' banner. This year Zeek has the privilege of addressing the haggis.

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