Zeek blows out 65 candles . . . Feelgood Festival stops . . . New EP out in December . . . 


   Zeek D'Accoustique  beach party


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The new Christmas single 

expected December 4th

Available from most groovy

download sites and from this website

the drowning man EP TRACKLIST                         (October '23)

The Zeek D'Accoustique E.P. will be recorded in the New Year, and I thought you would like a heads-up on the tracks appearing on the E.P. 


  1. A Woman in a man's body
  2. Mad World
  3. The Drowning Man
  4. The Hand of Time (part 1)
  5. Get me outa here
  6. Saved the best for last.


      p.s. Zeek D'Accoustique is the acoustic side of ZEEKtheFREAK. 

zEEK blows out 65 candles             (October '23)

On October 12th, Zeek reached the grand old age of 65, but don't worry, even though the shock horror live show may be stopped, retiring from the music world is the last thing on his mind, and he will continue to write and perform music.

feelgood festival to stop       (september '23)

The festival I devised and created in 1999 is to seize to exist. Although I left after four years, It has continued annually, and I have always followed its progress and continued to see it as my creation.


My thanks must go to everyone who worked on the festival, and I am sure we made many children happy.


The good news is I have started working on a new charity festival with Theo de Jong (the Shavers), and the money earned will go to the Cock de Jong Foundation.


the brand-new single

available now online

youtube remove 'just a fantasy'    (september '23)

It has been brought to my notice that the video fascist                    has decided to remove the original 'JUST A FANTASY' video. Their reason is listed below.

What the fuck happened to the freedom of artists to express themselves. If people find this offensive, the answer is simple: don't watch it. Society is being programmed to do what they are told. 


Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

featuring many special guest musicians

COMING SOON... you will now be able to download the lyrics to the songs in PDF form. Also, other Freaky goodies will also be available in the Freak Shop. 

  (june '23)

new single                                            (april '23)

The new single: Sanctuary, was released on Friday, the 31st of March. It's available from most of the Groovy download sites and also from this website.

new ACOUSTIC E.P.    (may '23)

In December 2023, ZEEKtheFREAK will release an acoustic EP entitled The Drowning Man. This album will prepare the way for the D.I.D. album.

zeek CD with my celtic faith      (april '23)

Sometime in 2024, Zeek will start recording an album with his Scottish project My Celtic Faith. Most songs will be original, but he might include a few traditional songs.

more news later in the year. . .

ZEEKtheFREAK & his Foreskin Cheese Band live DVD

The Word According to the Philosophy of the Happy Psycho Tour 1998


one day

ZEEK's tumour removed              (march '22)

25 years of 'FREAK' mayhem      (dec. '21)

Singles in the U.S.A.                  (sept '21)

Drowning track re-released        (march '20)

E.P. of old tracks released           (October '19)

Fight Back Now released           (January '19)

Zeek breaks his hand              (December '18)

the rain released                   (August '18)