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musical catalogue


expected 2025

Lost In Your Eyes

(remastered/single) 2024

Drowning in the demon drink (single) 2020

Spaced Out On Planet Bizarre (CD) 2018

Blow a fuse

(single) 2016

Let it rain

(single) 2010

Freakin' out with the Necro Cowboy (CD) 1998

The Drowning Man E.P.

expected 2024

Dementia Paranoides

(remastered/single) 2024

rockin back to roll

(EP) 2019

PMS maxi-singles 

(CD) 2017

Crawling back to mi corazön

(with Don Phillipo) 2016

(I am) the devil

(EP) 2009

The Happy Psycho

(CD) 1997

A Million Light Years

(remastered/single) 2024

Peace on Christmas Day (single) 2023

Fight Back Now

(single) 2019

Lost in your eyes

(single) 2017

Kiss the arse of stone

(single) 2016

Idiots /seeking Sanctuary

(CD) 2008

It's Your Roond

(CD) 1996

Free Your Soul

(remastered/single) 2024


(single) 2023

The Rain

(single) 2018

Xmas for the alkies

(single) 2016

Just a fantasy 

(single) 2012

Transvestite Femme Fatal

(CD) 2000

Happy Psycho Records

since 2021

Licensing Freak Music

Tracks available for licensing



Blow a fuse

Dementia Paranoides

Desperado's last stand

Fight Back Now

Drowning in the demon drink

Free your soul

Groovin' with a Bricker

I Am The Devil

Idiots Seeking Sanctuary at the Armageddon

Kiss the arse of stone

Let it rain

Life on the Jolly Buckin' Fastbard

Lost in your eyes

million light-years

Rhodesia gonna squeeze ya

The Rain

Xmas for the Alkies

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albums for download

Coming soon

Spaced out on Planet Bizarre

This album was recorded in the South of France and is his last pop/rock sounding album

PMS (the singles album)

All the singles (and a few extras) that were released between 2008 and 2022

Idiots seeking sanctuary at the armageddon

The classic album from 2008. 18 tracks, including two bonus tracks that were only available on the official CD

e.P.'s for download

(I am) The Devil (collectors item)

The collectors very first single released by Zeek

And it was a favourite for live shows, but it is not played live anymore.

singles for download

A Million Light Years

A remastered track originally from the 2018 album, Spaced Out On Planet Bizarre.

Free Your Soul

A remastered dance track originally from the 2018 album, Spaced Out On Planet Bizarre.

Lost in your eyes (2024)

A remastered & re-released version of this single that is originally from 2017.

The sound is better and clearer and thus we can get further Lost in your Eyes

Dementia Paranoides

A remastered version of this song from 2018.

This is a taster from the direction this music project is hoping to go. Just a little bit alternative & freaky.

Peace on Christmas Day

ZEEKtheFREAK's new Christmas single.

A song of hope & peace in the world in the coming years.


The new ZEEKtheFREAK single. A romantic ballad for everyone. With Zeek's voice reaching every nerve in your body

The Rain/Fight Back Now (double A side)

Two singles in one deal.

The Rain and Fight Back Now. A romantic ballad and a demonstration song.