ZEEKtheFREAK is a musical project from singer-songwriter, musician, and entertainer Zeek.

Originating from Dundee, Scotland, Zeek is the pseudonym of the painter, author, editor, philosopher, and lyricist S. A. Smith.

He emigrated to the Netherlands in 1979 and, apart from a three-year stay in the South of France, he has always lived in Holland.

The former frontman of the comedy/punk band the Snap-On Brothers and half of the duo The Infamous Zeek & Giz. He was also a singer with Dutch metal bands Ebo and Fill Bloom.

The name ZEEKtheFREAK originated from the Snap-On brothers' song of the same name, written in 1977.

Zeek is a multi-instrumental studio recording artist who writes, records and produces his music and CDs

On stage, Zeek surrounds himself with a selected group of talented musicians.

About The Music:

The music genre is Alternative Rock, with a slice of punk, metal, and theatrical tendencies.

The live show is well-known in the Alkmaar region of Holland for being Shock-rock, very controversial, and sometimes even perverse.

With ZEEKtheFREAK, he originally recorded for cassette tapes, but he has had two album CD releases:


Music expected in December 2023 an acoustic EP, 'The Drowning Man', and in 2024, the third album CD: D.I.D. (See the MUSIC page for more info.)

About The Live Band:

In the live band, through the years, from the first show in 1997, many talented (and not-so-talented) musicians have graced the stage with ZEEKtheFREAK.

Other projects:

Besides being a musician, Zeek is also an entertainer, an author, a philosopher, a humorist, a photographer, an editor, and a painter.

Under his birthname, S.A. Smith, Zeek is a lyricist for other bands.

His other musical projects are Zeek D'Accoustique (acoustic music associated with ZEEKtheFREAK) and the Scottish/Celtic rock band My Celtic Faith.

His other projects include:

  • Editor and humorist of The FOOLS FUNNYBONE (a zany tabloid of actual fake news).
  • Author of novels and short stories
  • He is also an actor (appearing as an extra in a Dutch film: Huisvrouwen bestaan niet 2)