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ZEEKtheFREAK is a musical project created and built around Dundonian musician and entertainer, Zeek Catweazle.

The former frontman of comedy/punk band the Snap-On Brothers and half of the duo The Infamous Zeek & Giz


The name ZEEKtheFREAK originated from the Snap-On brothers song of the same name, written in 1977.


Zeek is a multi-instrumental studio recording artist, who writes, records and produces his own music and CD's

On stage Zeek surrounds himself with a selected group of talented musicians


Apart from the music, Zeek Catweazle is also an entertainer, an author, a philosopher, a humorist, a photographer, an editor and an actor among other things


for more information check out zeekcatweazle.com


About The Music:


The music genre is Officially Shock Rock, with a slice of punk and metal and with theatrical tendencies.

The live show is well-known in the Alkmaar region of Holland for being Shock-rock, being very controversial and sometimes even perverse. 


About The Live Band:


 In the live band, through the years from the first show in 1997, there have been many talented (and not so talented) musicians who have graced the stage with ZEEKtheFREAK, but only one has been with the band from the beginning. It is guitarist and vocalist Bas Lute, a.k.a. The Rebel Jesus, appropriately named after an early song he sang. Bas is another multi-talented musician.

The Live Band Members:

ADH Perry: bass, drums

Animal: drums


Barry Krishna: bass

(the) Bonz: guitar


Count Frostbyte: guitar, drums


Erik from the Mountains: guitar


(the) Great Giz: drums

Grégory Courbier: drums/guitar/bass


(the) lizard: rhythm, solo guitar


Mark: drums

Marja: viola/vocals

Miep: bass guitar


Perry Prozack: keyboards, vocals, drums

Pyscho Professor: drums


(the) Rebel Jesus: guitar, vocals, bass, drums


Sister Inge: vocals

Stuffie (Stephan Stoop): keyboards, vocals, producer

It's your roond (1996)
The word according to the philosophy of the happy psycho (1997)
Freakin'out with the necrophiliac cowboy (1998)
Transvestite Femme Fatal (2000)


Idiots seeking sanctuary at the armageddon (2008)

I am the Devil E.P (2009) 

Let it rain E.P. (2010)

Just a Fantasy E.P. (2012)

Kiss the arse of stone (single) (2015)

Crawling back to mi Corázon (single) with Don Philippo (2016)

Blow a fuse E.P. (2016)

Xmas for the alkies (single) (2016)

Lost in your eyes (single) (2017)

P M S. (psychoz maxi-singles volume 1) (2017)

Spaced out on Planet Bizarre (2018)

Fight back now (single) (2018)

Drowning in the demon drink (single) (2020)

These albums were only available as cassette tapes

Most of those tracks or albums available for download from 

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