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ZEEK's tumour removed                         (march '22)

As many people know, Zeek was diagnosed with intestinal cancer last year. In January, he underwent surgery to remove the cancer cells and received a stoma bag, which he will keep for the rest of his life. This is a life changer, but Zeek is super positive about everything, he reported:

"Yes, it was a bit of a shock, but I am still here, and the rest of me is fine. I'm not done yet and will continue this musical journey. I am grateful for everyone who helped me, from my family and friends to the staff at the Hospital here in Alkmaar."

Zeek is taking a sabbatical to recover fully, but he hopes to start work on new material as soon as possible. The plans are for music of a different genre to the music he played and wrote through the years.                                 more to follow

25 years of 'FREAK' mayhem    (dec. '21) 


In 1996 the ZEEKtheFREAK project was started. It has had high points and low points. Also, many personal changes, and only Bas 'the Rebel Jesus' has been alongside me since day one. What do the next 25 years hold in store for the project? A different musical direction, different musicians, whatever happens, I guarantee you, it is gonna be a blast.

singles in the U.S.a.   (sept '21)


Zeek has released five singles in the U. S.

They are Drowning in the demon drink, The RainLost in your eyesXmas for the Alkies, and Blow a Fuse. The release of the tracks is to warm the Americans up for the next album, D.I.D. Things are finally starting to take off, not so bad after more than 40 years of trying.

Drowning track re-released (march '20)

The Drowning in the Demon drink track from the Idiots Seeking Sanctuary at the Armageddon album has been re-released but is now officially a single and will be available from Saturday, the 21st of March 2020. The track, originally recorded in 2004, has been re-released as a farewell to the era ZEEKtheFREAK wanted to bring to a close after the Spaced out on Planet Bizarre album. Zeek is planning to go back to the roots of the project, and the next album will be a concept album and is uncertain if this will be performed Live on stage. This will be the first album he will collaborate with other musicians writing the music, especially Stephan 'Stuffie' Stoop, who produced and arranged the Rain track from the last album. Drowning in the demon drink is a philosophical track about Zeek's time on the thin line between being a sociable drinker and an alcoholic. Links:




Four vintage ZEEKtheFREAK tracks have been released combined as an E.P. The tracks are More than You're Worth, Cool Boy (and his inconsiderate parents), Lovely Day, Let's Go Seal Clubbing.
The E.P. is available for downing here:




Fight Back Now is now available for download as a single. This track is another from the 'Spaced out on Planet Bizarre' album. The lyrics are meant to incentivise people to open their eyes to society today and fight for their rights.



Zeek breaks his hand               

In the last hours of 2018, Zeek broke his hand in a stupid prank at a Hogmanay party of friends. This act ended up with him seeing in the New Year with the nurses and doctors of the Hospital in Alkmaar.


the rain released   

Release this month is The Rain as a single. A song written for people missing a loved one and the feeling they are near in the rain. Mixed and produced by Stephan 'Stuffie' Stoop, the original keyboard player in the live band.


new ALBUM RELEASED                       (july '18)

Ten years after the release of the Idiots seeking Sanctuary at the Armageddon album, ZEEKtheFREAK has finally released a new album, Spaced out on Planet Bizarre. The new album contains only eight tracks, a bit different to the eighteen tracks on the Idiots album.

The album was recorded in the south of France. and is available for download at                                  or from the music page.


Best Of Singles now available                                           (October)

Before the release of the new album comes out, ZEEKtheFREAK will release a best-of album, P.M.S. (psycho's maxi singles), with all the single releases since the first single, I am the Devil, up to and including Xmas for the Alkies.

There are also a few bonus tracks included. Download the album here...

lost in your eyes                                                                   (January)

The new year brings a new single, Lost In Your Eyes. This release is the second single from the upcoming Spaced Out On Planet Bizarre album.
The track was written for his partner, the photographer, Aingeal Stoneheart.


Christmas single out now                                            (November)

Christmas will never be the same. ZEEKtheFREAK has jumped on the festive bandwagon and finally released a Christmas song.
Xmas for the Alkies is a festive song like no other. It was written for the people of the streets.

nov '16

oct '16

sept '16

A new single is coming soon.    (jan'16)

The new single 'BLOW A FUSE' will be recorded and released within a few weeks. The planned release date is the 1st of April (no, it's not a joke).

The music video is also being shot on location in the south of France.

aug '16

ZEEKtheFREAK & his Foreskin Cheese Band live DVD

The Word According to the Philosophy of the Happy Psycho Tour 1998


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