planet bizarre

Spaced out on Planet Bizarre was recorded, mixed and edited at Village Idiot Recording Studios, Cabannes France.


All music, lyrics by S, A. Smith except for ** gate Crashing Zombies, instruments/music Anon

All instruments by S, A. Smith except *A million light-years guitar solo Grégory Courbier


  1. A million light-years  *
  2. Fight back now
  3. Lost in your eyes
  4. Free your soul **
  5. Dementia Paranoides
  6. Blow a fuse
  7. The rain ***
  8. Rhodesia gonna squeeze ya
  9. Desperado's last stand
  10. Xmas for the Alkies

* A Million Light Years

guitar solo by Grégory Courbier


** Free Your Soul

music recorded the Rather Large Sausage Recording Studios,

vocals recorded at the Village Idiot Recording Studios,


*** The Rain

Recorded the Rather Large Sausage Recording Studios

mixed and edited by Stephan Stoop in Stoop Studios

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