the Devil

I am the Devil and your soul will be mine
So don't listen to that old grey fart, they preach about all the time
'cause Heaven isn't all it's made out to be,
Go to hell coz its, party time, boogie on down with me.

I am the Devil, I am the Devil.

Forget about those fairy wings and those poncy harps,
come to my place and bring your suntan lotion
No poofy angels telling you off for being back,
Our devilletts will chain you up and give you a good spanking

I am the Devil, I am the Devil.

Spunky's.....nudie's fucking hot here......
mummy mummy mummy, I just burnt my fingers, mummy

I am the Devil, I am the Devil.

'Hey dude, come on down!"

(I am) the Devil

Track Info

(c) s.a.smith/zeekthefreak

Recorded at Flabby Road studios, Alkmaar

Zeek: vocals, guitar, drum simulator


Stuffie: Keyboards


Barry Krishna: bass, drum simulator


The Lizard: guitar