There are no gigs planned for 2017.


Hopefully some tour dates will be announced in the near future



For the observant freaks amongst us, you will have noticed, that this website has been cut down to bare necessities.


This is due to 3 main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to make this website solely for the attention of the music, as the pages of my writing, publicity work, etc were distracting the attention away from the music and since that is my main goal, it was natural.

Secondly, I wanted to create more attention for us as a band. and thirdly, because of my beef with the provider one.com, who nonchalantly up the price for the web space I needed, without a pardon me or a "how's yer father."


So the attention on this website will only be promoting the band and music.

For the looney's who want more of my work, please get your bum across to the 'Zeek's Workshop' website.





The Album recording is not coming along the way, I want it to and I fear that the July release date, which is already a delay, might not be manageable.

I will not go into reasons as to why it is delayed again, just believe me when I say I will try to get it done A.S.A.P.


I appologise to people, who have already ordered the CD and if anyone feels they no longer want to wait....if they email me via info@zeekthefreak.com with your details and title the email 'Return', I will gladly refund them.

New Album expected july 2017

Pre-order your copy. go to merchandise

Welcome to the official website of Psycho rockers


enjoy the music, check out the official videos, then come join us on the forum

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